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Arabic Guidelines for Curriculum Development in Health Professions Education 

Abdelaziz A,1 Hassan N2

Lecturer of Medical Education1,2

1,2Medical Education Department, Faculty of Medicine, Suez Canal University, Egypt

Worldwide there is an increasing care of academic programs and research in Health Professions Education (HPE). Despite this there is still a lack of the Arabic academic programs and literature related to this field. The Eastern Mediterranean Regional Office of the World Health Organization (EMRO-WHO) is interested in enriching the Arabic literature of HPE in order to promote education and training of health manpower.In 2012, Suez Canal University, with the support of EMRO-WHO, has inaugurated a Diploma of Health Professions Education conducted through distance e-learning in Arabic language. The target group of the Diploma are health professions educators and trainers in the Arab region.To provide convenient, contextual and case sensitive literature for study in the Arabic Diploma of HPE, a set of practical guidelines were developed by a group of experts and consultants. Among these, practical guidelines for curriculum development were developed and published in an Arabic book.
Curriculum Development, Health Professions Education, Educational Objectives, Content, Methods of instruction and Students’ Assessment

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