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Gut barrier and Probiotics 
Banga A

Consultant Pediatrician

Chirayu & Aastha Children Hospitals, Gwalior, India

To study the outcome of percutaneous tenotomy of tendo-achilles using a wide bore needle in Congenital Talipes Equino Varus. Scientifically proven probiotics so far are:1. Sachromyces boulardie.2. Sachromyces GG.3. Bacillus clausie.When given in proper dosage and for the proper duration. Sacharomyces GG is costly and is not available in Indian
Various preparations in the market having different combinations in different strength are not yet backed by scientific approvals. Their effectiveness is not proven, safety not established and quality not
guaranteed and should, therefore, be avoided.
Antibiotics, Gut Barriers, Probiotics.

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