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Mobile Phone SMS-Based Educational Intervention To Medical Undergraduates For Reduction of Stigma and Discrimination Against PLHIV In Healthcare Settings   

Sucharitha ST,1 RajaGopal J,2 Siriki R3

Assistant Professor,1 MBBS Student,2 Data Manager and Analyst Consultant3

1Department of Community Medicine, Tagore Medical College and Hospital, Chennai

2Tagore Medical College and Hospital, Chennai

3SAATHII Bakaram, Hyderabad

AimTo provide mLearning intervention to experimental group of 30 medical students using mobile phone based SMS technologyBackground

Medical students universally own mobile phones with a potential to meet their educational needs. mLearning is a type of mHealth for educating and increasing the capacity of health care providers.

Material Methods

A pre-test and post-test, cross-sectional study design was used to assess the levels of knowledge, attitudes of 30 clinical undergraduates regarding stigma and discrimination towards People Living with HIV (PLHIV) in healthcare settings during August to October 2013 in Tagore Medical College Hospital, Chennai. The intervention phase included the design and implementation of mLearning initiative through SMS technology.


Fears of contagion (33%) and poor awareness (23%) among care providers were identified as reasons for stigma. Improved knowledge about definition of stigma 100%, 97% for Quality, Quantity of HIV virus and Route of transmission (QQR) determining the risk of HIV transmission, 97% for identifying scheduling consultancies towards the end and charging high for PLHIV surgeries as stigma, is seen in experimental group.


mLearning opportunities support stigma reduction in health care settings by improving knowledge and attitudes of care providers.

HIV/AIDS, mHealth, mLearning, People Living With HIV, Stigma and Discrimination, Short Message system (SMS).

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