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Choanal Atresia 
Goyal P,1 Kumar A,1 Goyal B2
Consultant Radiologist,1 Consultant ENT Surgeon2

1Vidya Health Imaging, Gwalior, M P, India, 2Gwalior,MP, India

Choanal atresia, refers to unilateral or bilateral, bony or membranous obstruction of the posterior nasal aperture. Approximately 50% of children with bilateral choanal atresia have associated other congenital abnormalities. The presenting symptoms may vary from intermittent to severe respiratory distress. Bilateral choanal atresia is a life threatening condition. CT scan plays an important role in diagnosing the nature & extent of the choanal atresia, to rule out other causes of congenital nasal obstruction and also helpful in therapeutic approach. The introduction of multidetector CT scanner offers several additional advantages. The mainstay of treatment is surgical correction.
Choanal atresia,Charge syndrome.

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Consultant Radiologist1, Consultant ENT Surgeon2