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Gogia_Ebola virus

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Outbreak of Ebola virus click alarm for devastating epidemic 
Gogia P,1 Ambey R,2 Singh A,3 Gaur A,4 Patel GS5

Post Graduate Student,1  Assistant Professor,2 Associate Professor,3,4 Professor5

1,2,4,5Department of Pediatrics, G R Medical College, Gwalior, M P, India

3Department of Pathology, Index Medical College Hospital and Research Center, Indore, MP, India

Ebola viral disease formerly known as ebola hemorrhagic fever is a severe, often fatal illness in human, outbreaks having case fatality rate upto 90%.It was first noted in 1976 , and is a WHO risk group 4 pathogen, many outbreaks have occurred since then but 2014 outbreak is worst outbreak in terms of cases and fatalities. Unfortunately the infecting Ebola virus detected this outbreak is Zaire strain, the most pathogenic strain of Ebola. Health agencies are forced to term this outbreak as an “unprecedented epidemic” seeing its devastating impact.
Ebola, global alert, Zmapp

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