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Risk Factor for malnutrition_Sweta Goyal

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Risk factors for severe acute malnutrition in Central India
Goyal S,1 Agarwal N

Assistant Professor1,2,

1Department of Pediatrics, Chirayu Medical College, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh, India,2Department of Pediatrics, Gajara Raja Medical College, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India
AIMTo identify risk factors for severe malnutrition in children <5 years age. mation is available on determinants of SAM.Background

Severe acute malnutrition (SAM) is a major cause of childhood morbidity and mortality in our country. However, little information is available on determinants of SAM.

Material Methods

This was a prospective study done over a period of one year at a tertiary care hospital. Children under five years of age with SAM were enrolled, and the risk factors leading to malnutrition were identified.


The risk factors contributing to malnutrition were poor socioeconomic status, parental illiteracy, overcrowding, lack of immunization, lack of awareness among caregivers regarding appropriate child feeding practices.


To decrease the prevalence of malnutrition, it is essential to provide education to caregivers about appropriate feeding practices. g appropriate child feeding practices.

India, risk factors, severe acute malnutrition.

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Ravi Shankar_Nutritional Medicine

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An urgent need to strengthen nutrition education among medical students in India 
Shankar PR

Professor of Medical Education, Chair, Curriculum Committee

Xavier University School of Medicine, Aruba, Kingdom of the Netherlands

Nutrition plays an important role in human health but is not adequately emphasized among medical students. India suffers from the problems of both under and over-nutrition. There is increasing emphasis on nutrition education among medical students in developing nations. Many United States medical schools offer an online nutrition module in medicine to students. The author mentions possible suggestions for starting a nutrition module in Indian medical schools.
India, Medical students, Nutrition

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sahu_pediatrics neurology

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Pediatric Neurology in India: Challenges and Opportunities
Sahu JK, Suthar R
Assistant Professor

Division of Peditric Neurology, Department of Pediatrics, Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh, India

Pediatric neurology have been emerged as an important and flourishing super-speciality of pediatrics. Now there are many challenges and opportunities ahead and young pediatric neurologists should face the challenges and seize the opportunities.
Pediatrics Neurology, India, Challenges and Opportunities

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