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Role of knowledge in practicing universal precautions among staff nurses
Sharma BK1, George S2
Associate Professor (Biostatistics),1 Lecturer2

1Department of Community Medicine, Sri Aurobindo Institute of Medical Science (SAIMS), Indore, MP, India

2Department of Medical Surgical Nursing, SAIMS, Nursing College, Indore, MP, India

AimAuthors aimed to present the importance and association of knowledge with practices of universal precautions.BackgroundStaff nurses are at high risk of exposure to infectious agents. Knowledge and practices towards universal precautions are necessary to prevent hospital associated infections.

Material Methods

An observational study was conducted at different selected hospitals of Indore city. A total of 130 staff nurses were sought for informed consent considered as subject. The demographic profile had identified and associated with knowledge and practice of universal precautions. The main study tool was self-administered questionnaire.


Mean practices (49.6%) of universal precautions were significantly lower than mean knowledge (73.35%). 61.5% staff nurses had good knowledge but 43.8% were practicing at good level while none showed the practice excellence. The knowledge were not found associated (p>0.05) with practices of universal precautions. The practices of universal precautions reported strongly associated (p<0.002) with work experience but significantly (p<0.03) associated with knowledge. The workload of a staff nurse was identified as a distracter because no significant association (p>0.05) was evidenced between nurse patient ratio with knowledge and practice of universal precautions.


Various studies have been shown that use of universal precautions lower the risk of hospital associated infection. Staff nurses had good knowledge but low practices of universal precautions. A good practice of universal precaution is a powerful tool to reduce the risk of contracting infections in clinical settings. Age, gender, course taken and clinical experience has their own effect towards knowledge and practice of universal precautions.

Universal Precautions, Knowledge, Infection, Practice, Nosocomial infection.

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