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Nutritional Rehabilitation_Balkishan Sharma

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Role of nutrition rehabilitation center and dietary practices of mother associated with malnutrition and anemia among children
Richa Gupta,1 Balkishan Sharma2

Research scholar,1 Associate Professor (Biostatistics)2

1Department of Food and Nutrition, New Girls Degree College, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India

2Department of Community Medicine, Sri Aurobindo Medical College & P.G. Institute, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India


Malnutrition has acknowledged and well documented. Optimal nutrient intake contributes significantly to malnutrition and anemia. The authors aimed to assess the significance of nutrition rehabilitation center and knowledge of dietary practices of mother to cope with anemia among severely malnourished children.

Material Methods

A prospective observational study was conducted at different Nutritional Rehabilitation Centers (NRCs). 250 severe under five malnourished children (<−3 standard deviation) selected as subjects. 200 subjects were included in the study group who were counseled in nutrition rehabilitation centers while 50 subjects served as control chosen from different slum areas. Study and control subjects were monitored at the time of admissions and after a follow-up of 3 months. 


No significant (P > 0.05) difference and association were detected in control. More than half (62.5%) of mothers in the study group has gained knowledge of nutrition after counseling at NRCs and measured with highly significant association between knowledge of mothers regarding nutrition (P < 0.001), about growth elements (P < 0.001), hemoglobin enhancer element (P < 0.001), and feed during birth (P < 0.001) with measurements (baseline and final). Moreover, the knowledge of dietary practices of the mother is significantly influenced the malnutrition and anemic status of children impacted the effectiveness of NRCs.


NRCs have been playing a prominent role to cope with malnutrition along with anemia. Appropriate counseling of mothers in nutrition rehabilitation center about knowledge of nutrition and dietary practices may be provided potentially to prevent malnutrition and anemia among children.

Anemia, iron deficiency, malnutrition, micronutrient deficiencies, mother’s knowledge, nutrients.

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