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Minimal Change Disease_Narang Sanjeev

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Minimal Change Disease

Narang S


Department of Pathology, Index Medical College Hospital and Research Center, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
  • Minimal change disease or nephrosis lipoid

On light microscopy, of changes devoid.

  • 80% of nephrotics, it does comprise

Boys below 16 years pay the price.

  • Idiopathic it is, cause unknown

Possible mechanisms immune have been shown.

  • In the net of protein loss, albumin is caught

Label of selective proteinuria, it has got.

  • No change grossly it does produce

Shape and size, increase nor reduce.

  • Changes in glomeruli and tubules are slight

Noted this is on microscopy light.

  • On EM, fl at, foot processes of podocytes seen

Labeled as the foot process disease it has been.

  • Immunofl uorescence – absent deposits does claim

Hence, “nil deposit disease” is also its name.

Minimal Change Disease, Kidney, Nephrotic Disease.

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