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Tonsillar Papilloma_Mundra

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Tonsillar papilloma: A rare case
Mundra RK,1 Verma JR,2 Gupta A,3 Vishal Koshta,3 Rathore SK3
Associate Professor and Head of department,1 Assistant Professor,2 Postgraduate Student3
1-3Department of ENT, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Medical College, Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India
Benign oropharyngeal tumors are far less common compared to malignant tumors. Squamous papillomas are exophytic  masses of the oral cavity. It is an innocuous lesion that is neither transmissible nor threatening. Pedunculated squamous papilloma usually arises from the soft palate, tonsil, or the epiglottis. A 32-year-old female presented with odynophagia on and off for 5 months. History regarding the growth revealed that it was fi rst seen 6 months prior as a slow-growing non-tender papule. The present lesion was exophytic and sessile in nature, pinkish in color with a pebbled surface, soft in consistency, 2 cm × 2 cm in size, and situated on left tonsil. Surgical excision of the lesion was performed. The histopathological diagnosis of squamous papilloma was made. The squamous cell papilloma is a benign tumor with a rare entity arising on tonsil which caused unusual odynophagia (symptomatic) of long duration.
Odynophagia, pedunculated, squamous papilloma, tonsils.

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