Authors Guidelines for suggestion of Reviewers

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Authors should submit name of three reviewers for fast processing of manuscript.

Criteria for Reviewer

1. Authors should not working in the same institution with suggested reviewers.

2. Authors should not working in last two appointment with the suggested reviewers.

3. Authors should not have any financial relations with the suggested reviewers.

4. Authors should should not authored any paper with any suggested reviewers in last 5 years.

5. The suggested reviewers must authored Total 5 papers and atleast 3 papers in the same discipline as principle (First or second) author.

6. The Name, Academic Position, Department and Institute affiliation with email address of suggested reviewer is mandatory.

7. It is not guaranty that manuscript will be reviewed by suggested reviewers.

8. The authors failure of reviewers suggestion may delay in publication process.

9. The authors failure to suggest of reviewers will be not the criteria for rejection of manuscripts.

10. The decision of  Editor in Chief regarding sending of manuscript to reviewers will be blind and final.