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Cutis Marmorata Telengiectatica Congenita in an Infant

Gogia P,1 Ambey R2

Postgraduate Student,1 Assistant Professsor2

1,2Gajra Raja Medical College, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh, India

A 3-month-old male infant was brought to the hospital with the complaint of the reticulated pattern over the skin of limb and trunk. The pattern was present since birth. The blue – purplish marbled, reticulated pattern of the skin was present on the right lower limb and trunk with a sharp cutoff line at midline. The pattern was having multiple indentations, which is the characteristic feature of cutis marmorata telengiectatica congenita. The pattern was getting prominent on crying and cold exposure. Ophthalmic examination was normal. There was no associated systemic abnormality.
Cutis marmorata telengiectatica congenital, reticulated pattern, infant.

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