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Title : Bilateral Portwine Stain in a child with Sturge Weber Syndrome

Author: Dr. Ravi Ambey Co-Author: Dr. Arjun Singh

A 3 year old child presented with generalized seizures for one year. Child was the product of nonconsanguinous marriage with no family history of seizure and developmentally appropriate for age. On  examination child was having very peculiar pattern of portwine stain on face. It involved the territory of Right ophthalmic division and Left mandibular division of trigeminal nerve. On right side it involved forehead, nose, upper eye lid and bulbar conjunctiva and on left side it involved left cheek, part of pinna, mandibular area, lip, oral mucosa and neck . Child was having nine ash leaf spots over trunk and extremities. Intraocular pressure was normal. On CT scan of head there was bilateral tram track calcification in cerebral cortex with atrophy. Child was started with valproic acid and seizure free for last three months.

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