January-March 2015

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CURRENT ISSUE VOLUME 2 NUMBER 1 January to March 2015
Gut barrier and Probiotics 
Author: Dr. Ashok Banga
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Comparing Problem Based Learning Curriculum and the Traditional Curriculum based on outcome
Author: Mr. Syed Adnan Kabir Co-Author: Dr. Syed Mohammad, Mr. Syed Irfan Kabir, Mr. Tharindra Dissanayake
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Clinico-Histopathological correlation of leprosy: A retrospective study of skin biopsy specimens in Chitwan Medical College
Author: Dr. Mamata Tiwari Co-Author: Dr. Sabin Ranabhat, Dr. Sushna Maharjan
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Color Doppler evaluation of carotid vessels in patients with stroke
Author: Dr. Bhimeshwer Rao Pasupuleti Co-Author: Dr. SK Kamraju, Dr. Narra RK, Dr. Jukuri NR, Dr. Sushmitha
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A comparative study of serum lipid profile and glucose level between breast cancer patients and controls at tertiary care hospital in India
Author: Dr. Amit Kumar Haritwal Co-Author: Dr. Rajesh Kumar Chourasia, Dr. Sandeep Ojha
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A study of demographic profile and menstrual morbidities among adolescent female patients visitingr a tertiary cae center
Author: Dr. Ganesh Madhavrao Bandkhadke Co-Author: Dr. Pankaj Prakash Salvi , Dr. Anand Nathu Bhalerao, Dr. Ramesh Anantrao Bhosale, Dr. Ajay Sahebrao
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Effect of Bhramari Pranayama and Yoganidra on cardiovascular hyper-reactivity to cold presser test
Author: Dr. Ritu Bajpai Co-Author: Dr. Chanda Rajak, Dr. Sanjeev Rampalliwar
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Study on chloramphenicol resistance pattern in Central India, Indore
Author: Dr. Khyati Jain Co-Author: Dr. Suraj Tripathi
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Modified pediatric logistic organ dysfunction scoring system: A feasible tool in pediatric intensive care units
Author: Dr. Ajay Gaur Co-Author: Dr. Ravi Ambey, Dr. Annop Sharma
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To find out the diabetic risk in study population by subjecting them to Indian diabetic risk scale (IRDS)
Author: Dr. Hemlata Chaurasia Co-Author: Dr. Rajveer Singh Chaurasia
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Giant Lipoma In Front Of Neck Presenting As Thyroid Neoplasm – A Rare Case 
Author: Dr. Rajesh Gaur Co-Author: Dr. Raj Laxmi sharma, Dr. Sunita Rai, Dr. Deepti Jain
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Cutaneous metastases after radical chemoradiotherapy in carcinoma cervix: An unusual manifestation
Author: Dr. Ashok Kumar Diwan Co-Author: Dr. Subeera Khan, Dr. Vijay Kumar Mahobia
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The rare case of broad ligament endometriosis
Author: Dr. Ashfaq ul Hassan Co-Author: Dr. Shifan Khanday, Dr. Rasool Zahida, Dr. Rifat Ara, Dr. Anjum Salem
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Primary squamous cell carcinoma of kidney: A rare case report
Author: Dr. Ashok Kumar Diwan Co-Author: Dr. Kabre Rohit santosh
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Calcinosis cutis
Author: Dr. Rakesh Jain Co-Author: Dr. Priyanka Jain
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Medical POETRY
Acute Post Streptococcal Glomerulonephritis
Author: Dr. Sanjeev Narang
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